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You can display the Inspector by calling:



Sneakers G White GUESS by Otrend Provided your project is running on a server the Inspector is automatically loaded from the BabylonJS server when it is called as above.

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By default, this url is : G by Otrend White Sneakers GUESS https://preview.babylonjs.com/inspector/babylon.inspector.bundle.js

You can update this URL by setting the variable:

BABYLON.DebugLayer.InspectorURL = 'http://myurl/babylon.inspector.bundle.js';

To use the Inspector when your project is stored and run locally with an internet connection then you need to load the Inspector directly

<script src=https://preview.babylonjs.com/inspector/babylon.inspector.bundle.js>script>

To use the Inspector locally with no internet connection you will need to obtain a copy of the file from

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A config object can be given to the show method in order to control the following parameters of the Inspector :

  • popup : boolean - Should the Inspector open by default in popup mode ? False by default
  • initialTab : number - The first tab displayed by default - 0 by default (corresponding to the Scene tab)
  • parentElement : HTMLElement - The HTML element where the Inspector should be created - nul by default (will be created along the canvas)
  • newColors : An object containing new CSS colors for the Inspector. This object should contain the property backgroundColor, backgroundColorLighter,backgroundColorLighter2,by White GUESS Otrend G Sneakers backgroundColorLighter3, color,colorBot,colorTop, where color is the text color, color top and bottom are two colors used to display data (properties, mouse hover, tooltip...)


    initialTab : 2, 
    parentElement:Otrend by GUESS White Sneakers G document.getElementById('#mydiv'),
    newColors: {
        backgroundColor: '#eee',
        backgroundColorLighter: '#fff',
        backgroundColorLighter2: '#fff',
        backgroundColorLighter3: '#fff',
        color: by G White GUESS Otrend Sneakers '#333',
        colorTop:Sneakers GUESS by Otrend G White 'red', 


It is possible to attach Observer to an Observable called when a property is modified in the Inspector. You can call it like this :

scene.debugLayer.onPropertyChangedObservable.add((result) => {});

The result object contains :

  • object : BABYLON.Node - The object modified. It can be a scene, a mesh, a light or any other element that can be modified in the Inspector
  • property : string - The modified property name.
  • value : any - The new value.
  • initialValue : any - The old value, before the modification.

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