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Calf Navy Women's Sandal Dress Melea 329671 VANELi Seta p8w0qPU


1. Go to your device's Android settings



Melea Dress Sandal Calf Seta Navy Women's VANELi 329671  

2. Scroll down to Accounts



VANELi Sandal Melea Navy 329671 Dress Women's Seta Calf 3. Tap on  + Add account

329671 VANELi Melea Seta Women's Calf Sandal Navy Dress



A. For all of the above account types, you'll need to add it as an EXCHANGE ACCOUNT. This can also be called: Corporate, Enterprise, (Microsoft) Exchange Activesync, etc. depending on device. (If you don't see any of these as an option, please make sure that your stock email and calendar apps are not disabled on your device). 

*For some devices it's possible you'll see both Exchange (with a Gmail icon) as well as Exchange Activesync, in that case you'll need to choose the one that mentions Activesync as the first one is not for syncing calendars). ON THE OTHER HAND IF YOU ONLY HAVE THE EXCHANGE OPTION WITH THE GMAIL ICON THEN TRY THAT ONE, ON NEWER DEVICES THIS WILL BE ABLE TO SYNC CALENDAR DATA.



B. If you previously added your Outlook/Hotmail/Live account under a non-Exchange account type (for example as an account type, under another calendar/email app or under the stock calendar/email app, then you'll need to disconnect the email address from that account type first), if not you might get an error message saying something like 'this email account is already in use'. Once added as an Exchange account you can always sync email/calendar/contacts through the Exchange account settings. 

C. Fill in your email address and password to connect with the Exchange server  

For Exchange users: press "manual setup". Please double check with the Exchange administrator for the exact inputs as this will be different for different users).

For users: fill in your email address and press "manual setup". 

Select the Exchange option and tap next:

Women's VANELi Sandal 329671 Seta Calf Dress Navy Melea Enter your password and tap on next:

Sandal Seta Dress Melea Navy Calf Women's VANELi 329671

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329671 Calf Melea Seta Dress Women's Sandal VANELi Navy 329671 Calf Dress Melea Seta VANELi Sandal Navy Women's  

If there is a Domain field, leave it blank. Make sure secure connection (SSL) is selected and change the server name to then tap on next:

*if this doesn't work try again with instead of

Seta Calf 329671 Melea Sandal Navy Women's Dress VANELi Make sure sync calendar is selected and tap on next to finish the set up:

Calf Melea Dress Navy Women's 329671 Sandal Seta VANELi *Please be careful to enter upper and lower case letters correctly when you enter your username and password as this can otherwise lead to syncing issues

5. After setting up the account:  Dress Pointed Rivet Women's T Pumps Orange Stiletto Heeled Sexy strap Cuckoo Toe Shoes Heeled Office 4ZUfPq

A. Please check whether the sync has been properly set up. In the settings, scroll to accounts and tap on the account you have recently created. 

Seta VANELi Navy 329671 Dress Calf Women's Melea Sandal  

B. Check to see what color the sync icon is


6. After you have set up your account, go to DigiCal's calendar menu andSupra Shoe White Hammer Skate Run AwUqrAPS

7. Please don't disable or uninstall the stock calendar that came with your device as your device needs this to sync calendars correctly.

*If you still encounter syncing issues after set-up, please check our troubleshooting guide.


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